Changing your mindset to achieve results

  • Date: 25 February 2016
  • Category: Centre
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We all want to feel healthier and happier. That’s possibly one reason you signed up at the YMCA.

There are plenty of programs out there promising you the world. This can cause our interpretation of exercise programs to become warped, leading us to forget the key element that helps us achieve results - that is, to consistently increase our workout capacity.

Your body composition is forced to change when you’re constantly improving. An Olympic sprinter, for example, doesn’t have a lean midline because they’re doing a secret ab exercise. This is simply a by-product of their training regime.

If you’re looking to tone up or put on some muscle, the first step is to identify relevant performance measures (e.g. 400m sprint, max deadlift) that will get you there. The stronger you get, the bigger your muscles will grow. The further or faster you run, the more fat you can burn.

Below are our three key tips on how you can turn your time in the health club into results-based sessions which will help you achieve your body composition goals.

Set your goals, then your targets                                 

If you’re goal is to burn fat and lose a certain number of kilos, your targets need to be performance measures. Let’s use a one kilometre time trail in sub four minutes as an example.

Using a segmented program, you can easily set targets, or performance measures, which will help you reach your goals.

By the time you’ve achieved a sub four minute kilometre, not only have you increased your work capacity – but there’s a very good chance you’ve reached your goal weight.

Keep track of your training

Test. Measure. Repeat. It’s a simple concept that hardly anyone follows.

To see change you need to keep improving. Record your times, weights, and workouts, noting when you reach milestones.

If you’re following a results based program, when you come back to retest you should see improvement. Chat with one of our friendly Personal Trainers about some benchmark tests that you can use.

Check in with the professionals

Speaking with our staff is the best way to keep you on track. They know what you’re doing, how you should be doing it, and the results you’re after. Sometimes all it takes is a nudge every now and then to keep on top of your training.

Our Personal Trainers and Gym Instructors are experienced in providing the right advice and programs to meet your needs.

Make an appointment in centre today to start building on your foundations to see results!

This article has been reviewed by Matt Frost, Health & Wellness Coordinator at Wodonga Sports and & Leisure Centre.