Finding the right group for you

  • Date: 01 November 2017
  • Category: News
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Whether you’re looking to get faster, stronger, or make improvements to your overall health and wellbeing, group fitness classes are perfect to include in your fitness regime.

With the announcement earlier this year that YMCA centres are rolling out Virtual Group Fitness options – there’s more reason to give it a try now and find a class that works with your training regime.

With a range of different classes to try, finding the right one for you doesn’t need to be tricky. Below is a rundown of our most popular classes, and the reason why you should consider getting to these sessions each week.

Body pump

What is it?
Using a light barbell, this class focuses on doing high repetitions of movements that work out the entire body. You pick your own weights and follow along in an encouraging environment.

Why should I try it out?
Pump is a great workout if you’re looking to tone and improve your cardio. It can also help build strength and add much needed diversity to your training regime if you usually focus on lifting heavier weights. Doing high repetitions also means you will produce more lactic acid, and the more you get used to this, the better you can endure exercise and sport for long periods of time (e.g. AFL football, long distance running).

Body attack

What is it?
This is a high energy, body weight focused class aimed to get the heart pumping whilst also developing key strength in your upper and lower body muscles.

Why should I try it out?
Doing body weight workouts is a fantastic way to add variety to your program. Whilst it’s easy to say you could do something similar at home, the fact is that in a group class you’ll be pushed harder for longer and will get a better workout. Doing body weight movements at higher intensity also builds better movement patterns, which in turn translates to sport and other weight training.

Body balance

What is it?
Mixing yoga with elements of tai chi and pilates, this class is all about improving your core strength and finding your centre.

Why should I try it out?
Core strength and stretching are crucial elements of any fitness program. It’s always difficult finding time for this extra work, despite the fantastic carry over effects into your other fitness pursuits. Attending a Body Balance class once or twice a week will give you a set time and structure to do this work.


What is it?
This is generally a range of movements which you rotate through over the course of a shorter, more intense workout. It can include kettlebells to battle ropes, and everything in between.

Why should I try it out?
This high intensity workout is a fantastic way to push yourself. With each round, you have a goal of beating the amount of reps you did previously. And with everyone working hard around you, this will force you to work harder too.


You can also find other classes offered on our website.