Get together and thrive says YMCA

  • Date: 27 August 2012
  • Category: News
Kids standing in a field

One of the nation’s oldest but ‘most young at heart’ charities, the YMCA is urging the community to ‘get together’ and actively enjoy the company of others to fight the inclination to hibernate in solitude or on the couch.

“We know that in general people do better together whether that’s when they exercise, live together, or even eat together,” said YMCA Victoria Chief Executive Peter Burns.

“So that’s our message for the last week of winter – get together with your friends, your family, your neighbours – or even with a bunch of strangers with a shared interest. Who knows, you might make a new friend or two?”

Mr Burns said being physically active with others was a particularly good way to boost your happiness and health.

He noted that in August over 2,000 children had nominated their dads or father figures for their local Community Father of the Year event run by the YMCA in over 40 local communities with many children sharing that being physically active with their dad or father-figure was a favourite pastime.

The YMCA offers a range of programs, services and events to encourage people to get together and be active including: swimming, group fitness, camping, skate park action, sports, and regular get-togethers for single parent families.
Events or opportunities to ‘Get Together’ via the YMCA in the next few months include:

  • Annual YMCA Bridge Project Breakfast – on Thursday 23 August 600 business and community leaders got together to hear from Patron Mick Malthouse and six young men from the wrong side of the tracks whose lives have been turned around by being given a second chance. Visit for more information.
  • YMCA World Challenge – a FREE mass participation basketball event on Saturday 13 October at 30 YMCA managed sports stadiums across Victoria, including stadiums in four youth justice centres and the Thomas Embling Forensic Centre. The YMCA World Challenge aims to mobilize 5 million people on the same day across 130 countries where there is a YMCA.
  • A FREE Dadslink Father’s Day BBQ Brunch on Sunday 1 September at Riversdale Park in Camberwell for dads, kids and everyone! Read about Dadslink.
  • A special offer in September to entice new health and wellness members to ‘fight the couch’ and get together with others to exercise by joining their local YMCA managed health club.
  • Family skating lessons and a family trip to Bendigo for single parent families via YMCA Parentlink.

Getting together is fundamental to the YMCA’s vision for a healthier, happier and better connected community – for everyone.

For more ideas about how you can ‘get together’ (and do better!) visit your local YMCA managed centre.

The YMCA manages centres in over 160 locations across Victoria, including health clubs, child care centres, camps, youth justice facilities, skate parks, youth services and student accommodation.