Mindfulness Moment

  • Date: 13 March 2018
  • Category: News
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Mindfulness and meditation has become increasingly popular due to the research supporting the many health benefits it provides, such as improvements in: stress, anxiety, depression, and base level happiness, just to name a few.

Meditation is the formal practice of mindfulness which can be easily performed. However, there are a lot of myths associated with meditation that ultimately cause barriers, with many people thinking it is difficult when in fact it is innate in all of us.

Some common misconceptions:

  • You have to do it for a long duration of time, making it a time commitment issue in a busy life,
  • You have to be seated cross legged, which can be quite uncomfortable,
  • You have to empty or clear the mind, which is impossible.

While there is no right and or wrong way to meditate, below is an overview to a one minute breath awareness meditation for you to try. Just taking a minute out of your day can assist to bring you into the present moment, allowing you to feel calmer and execute your day more efficiently.

Breath awareness exercise:

Over the next minute it is quite normal for your attention to wander, allowing any sounds, body sensations, thoughts or emotions to enter, but then just bringing your awareness back to the breath. This meditation involves reading, so keep your eyes open to receive guidance, or you can close them in between each line. You may even like to record it on your smartphone and then replay it back whenever you like!

One minute meditation


  • To begin this meditation, find yourself in a comfortable position. It could be seated on a chair, floor, standing, or lying down.
  • Make any adjustments that will make you feel even more comfortable.
  • Bring awareness to your breath (pause for a few breaths)
  • Your body already knows how to breathe, so you do not need to manipulate it in any way.
  • Noticing what areas of your body move as you breathe? (pause for a few breaths)
  • The rise of fall of your belly…..(pause for a few breaths)
  • Your chest….(pause for a few breaths)
  • The breath between the nostrils…(pause for a few breaths)
  • Before leaving this meditation, allowing yourself a few moments to be with the breath (pause for a few breaths)
  • You have just finished this meditation and are able to continue with your day.