Premier’s Active April is almost here – what you can expect in centre

  • Date: 13 March 2018
  • Category: News
880x495active april promotion Stretching

For over five years, YMCA Victoria and the State Government have partnered up to bring communities one of Victoria’s most inclusive events – Premier’s Active April.

This 30 day challenge encourages families to complete 30mins of physical activity a day. It’s something the Y whole-heartedly believes in, as we strive for everyone to become healthier and happier.

For members who have been around a while, you’ll know the YMCA offers all Premier’s Active April participants a free 10 pass card to YMCA facilities across the state. This can be used to access the pool, gym, group fitness classes, and other programs and services*.

However, this is far from a membership to the centre. Participants will have limited access and restrictions on what they can and can’t do when they visit. On average, participants only attend our centres twice during the month.

With this said, as we can expect the centre to be a bit busier over the next few weeks, here are a few tips for all our loyal members to work around the newbies!

  1. Get to group fitness classes a bit earlier. This will ensure your spot, and give you time to stretch beforehand too.
  2. Try some shorter, high intensity workouts. This way you’re in and out of the centre quicker, and aren’t waiting around for machines to be free. Speak to a gym instructor who can provide you some circuit work.
  3. Sharing is caring. Just because someone is using a piece of equipment or machine doesn’t mean you can’t use it too! Just ask to go set for set – whilst you work out they rest and vice versa.
  4. Train at different times. The school holidays land right in April this year, so it’s a good chance to try working out at a new time. The gym is the busiest after work and early in the morning, so you could try an evening session or pop in for a lunch time workout to beat the crowd.

We’re incredibly appreciative of your ongoing support of the Y during this busy time, and realise it can cause some inconveniences to your usual schedule. Our friendly staff are always available to help as well during this peak period.

*The access participants have is determined by each YMCA, and will differ from centre to centre. If you’d like to know what participants have access to at your Y, please ask someone at the front desk.