Running with purpose

  • Date: 03 March 2015
  • Category: News
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Thousands of people register for fun runs every year. Running is a great way to push yourself and set personal goals. But it can be so much more.

As a member of a YMCA managed recreation centre, we’re guessing you are already pretty active? We want to help you take that to the next level and make running social, with a shared goal, and provide the chance for you to give back to people in need in your community.

Whether you’re signing up for an event with friends or ticking off a personal goal, joining Team YMCA means you will make a huge difference in the lives of people in need. As a charity, YMCA Victoria aims to ensure that everyone, especially people experiencing disadvantage, have access to programs and services that help them feel healthier, happier and more connected to their community. 

On 26 July 2015, Team YMCA will be part of Run Melbourne and would love to have you on board. By signing up and raising funds, you will be supporting people in your community.

To register for Run Melbourne as part of Team YMCA, click here. You’ll need to select the ‘Join a team’ option, and search for ‘Team YMCA’. Select ‘Yes’ to fundraise and choose ‘YMCA Open Doors’ from the drop down.

Get started today

These training tips are easy to incorporate into your workout program.

Build yourself up: Building a strong aerobic base doesn’t mean you train flat out every day. By running at slower paces for longer, you will gradually build your aerobic base. You should aim to be running half the distance two weeks prior to the event. And don’t forget to take rest days.

Preparation is key: Including strength training into your regime will build muscle, reduce the likelihood of fatigue, and help prevent injury. Also, try to emulate your event by running up hills, or on grass or pavement. Investing in some new shoes will also go a long way to supporting your feet properly.

Don’t compare yourself to others: Even though we don't like to admit it, most of us have a competitive streak. Everyone is different, so focus on your own goals and take the steps you need to get there. Even professional athletes find it difficult some days!

Enjoy it: Remember this is time for you! Running is an exercise you can do anywhere and for any time period. It’s a great way to improve your mental health and wellbeing, as well as the obvious positive physical impacts. The goal is to make exercise a habit within your lifestyle -if you don't enjoy it, you simply won’t do it.

Thanks to YMCA staff Nicholas Stanton, Health and Wellness Coordinator at Caulfield Recreation Centre, and Ashley Bartholomew, Centre Manager at Brunswick Baths, for their training advice.