Staying motivated as the months begin to cool down

  • Date: 13 March 2018
  • Category: News
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Motivation to exercise and stay healthy can wane - especially when the weather starts to get colder. Add in work, family and other commitments and it can be hard to convince yourself to hit the gym, pool or even just go for a run after a long day. When all you want to do is flop on the couch, following these tips will help to ensure you keep your fitness targets in sight.

Know your fitness goals

Write down what your fitness goals are. Then write down what it will take to achieve these. Whether it’s a specific distance you want to run or a more ambiguous goal like ‘be fitter’, simply writing down your goals already makes them more real and therefore less easy to ignore.

Set short term milestones along the way to ensure you feel like you’re getting somewhere. Don’t set unrealistic targets, make it something that is achievable for you.

Find a group to get active with

If you struggle with motivating yourself to keep active on your own, a group fitness can be a great way to make sure you keep showing up. Group workouts or social sports are also a great way to meet other people and make friends.

Check our website so see the full list of group fitness classes available and when.

Get tech savvy

Whether it is simply adding a reminder to workout in your phone, following an app based workout plan or tracking your every move with a smart watch, there are a number of ways to use technology to remind you to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. These devices also offer an easy way to track your progress.   

You don’t have to go it alone

Find a fitness buddy or someone else who shares a similar goal and keep each other accountable. It’s much more difficult to find an excuse to show up for that workout when you have another person relying on you to be there. Having a workout buddy can also make attending new classes and activities less intimidating.

Have fun!

Find a workout or activity that you genuinely enjoy doing. You’re more likely to want to work out if you enjoy the activity and you’re less likely to make an excuse to miss it. Don’t be afraid to try new things either – you could be a secret Zumba fanatic and you just don’t know it yet!

One useful tip in writing is that often the word ‘that’ is actually unnecessary. If you read the sentence aloud without the ‘that’ and it still works, leave it out altogether. It’s an easy way to shorten a sentence – which is always a good thing!