Your donations change lives

  • Date: 07 March 2017
  • Category: News
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YMCA Open Doors changes lives in ways that you may not realise. Just like it changed Jane’s* life.

Every time you pop a gold coin in our donation tins you are supporting YMCA Open Doors, which provides people and families experiencing disadvantage free access to YMCA community centres and services.

For Jane, YMCA Open Doors is more than a gym membership.  Jane has been a victim of violence at the hands of her now ex-partner, and was left with nothing.

After bravely fleeing to escape the abuse, she was determined to provide safety for her three children and provide them every opportunity to lead normal lives.

Sadly this became too hard, and while other kids went to school and birthday parties, her children spent their time in court proceedings and lawyer interviews. Unable to afford swimming lessons for her kids, alone, with little income and no support structures, they desperately needed help. That’s when they found YMCA Open Doors.

Ever since then their lives have completely turned around.

Jane’s daughter has learnt to swim, progressing and becoming incredibly confident in the water. She now realises that hard work and persistence are key to success – a lesson she is taking into all aspects of her life. With a focus on health and wellbeing bringing new purpose, Jane’s boys leave the gym feeling healthier and happier after every session.

“When everything happened, my goal was to keep my children happy and safe… and now, at the YMCA, they are,” Jane said.

“We have all come so far since those darkest days, and the YMCA has been a guiding force in our lives. It’s become our second home.”

Jane’s incredible story is just one of hundreds. Thank you so much for your continued contributions to YMCA Open Doors. If you’d ever like to make a donation online to your local centre visit

*While her story is real, Jane’s name and photo has been changed to protect her and her family.